Small Stable CNC milling machine

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    Representative Greeting
    In the rapidly changing era ,while keeping up the pace of industrial, solid work is based on the development and manufacturing of machinery. we always feel the distance between the Japan and South Korea.As a support industrial technology and manufacturing machine tools proud, but also recognize that its major responsibilities, for the effort and work in the machine tool industry and lead the Syil provide benefit for customers with high quality products and services
    Corporate Philosophy
    – Improve and enhance the machine tools industry in China
    – Efforts to improve the technical standards for the world to produce and provide quality products
    – By making excellent small high-speed high-precision machine tools for contribute to society
    – Enhance and balance the company’s development and well-being of employees
    Historical background of Syil
    We has learned Japan and South Korea machine tools to improve our quality and technical skills For many years, and finally get the trust of the customers in Japan, until now there are still a lot of products being used there. In 2012 we were in cooperation with the Korean machinery AMECO, to develop high-precision small machining centers and sales agents associated with high-quality machine tool accessories .From then on our performance and quality are into a new level.
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